Goals of the Working Group

The main goals are a) to update and enrich the GlaThiDa global ice thickness data base, b) to perform an intercomparison of existing models that derive ice thickness distributions of individual glaciers, and c) to model the ice thickness distribution of all glaciers of the Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI).

Download the 2014 proposal to IACS here, which details the objectives and work plan of the WG.


New publication about the history of IACS

Allison, I., C. Fierz, R. Hock, A. Macintosh, G. Kaser, and S. U. Nussbaumer, 2019. The International Association of Cryospheric Sciences: past, present and future. Hist. History of Geo-and Space Sciences, 9, 1–11.

XXVII IUGG General Assembly

in Montréal, Canada, July 2019
Full IACS Scientific Programme
(9-13 July 2019)
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Call for nominations for Early-Career Scientist Award (best paper)

Deadline is 1 March 2019. More info here

Graham Cogley passed away

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New Working Group on Debris Covered Glaciers (2018-2022)

See for details and participation


The overarching aim of the debris-covered glaciers Working Group is to advance our understanding of how debris impacts glacier response to climate at the local, regional, and global scale. This is a necessary precursor to accurately representing debris-covered glaciers in models of regional runoff and sea-level change projections.

Download the 2018 proposal to IACS here.

What is the ECS Award?

The IACS Early Career Scientist (ECS) Prize is a bi-annual cash prize of € 1000 awarded to two early career scientists who have published the best scientific papers on a cryospheric subject as assessed by an independent evaluation committee. The objective of the prize is to recognize excellence in cryospheric science by honouring and promoting two ECS scientists, and to draw attention to the work of IACS.

Awardees must be IACS members by the time the award is received.