IACS-IGS Graham Cogley Award

The award was established in 2019 in memory of Graham Cogley (Trent University, Canada) who passed away in October 2018. The award was initiated and is sponsored by the Cogley family, for a period of 20 years. The award recognizes Graham’s substantial and outstanding contributions to glaciology, in particular studies of glacier mass balance, his sustained service to scientific organizations and the broader glaciological community, and his collegiality, kindness and extraordinary work ethic. The award is given annually to recognize excellence in cryospheric research by Early-Career Scientists (ECS).

Every other year beginning in 2019 the award is given by IACS to two students to recognize an oral and a poster presentation of exceptional quality at an IACS Assembly (held every two years).

In every other year beginning in 2020 the award is given by the International Glaciological Society (IGS) to two early career scientists who have published a paper of exceptional quality in the Journal of Glaciology or the Annals of Glaciology published by the IGS.

The shared IACS-IGS Award recognizes Graham’s outstanding service in both the IACS and the IGS. For example, Graham chaired several working groups within IACS and he served as Chief Editor of both IGS’ journals.

The awardees receive a certificate by IACS or IGS and a cash prize of CAD 500 each due to the generous support from the Cogley family.



Gavin Piccione, University of California Santa Cruz, USA,
for his outstanding oral presentation: “A radiometrically dated record of Antarctic Ice Sheet response to millennial-scale climate cycles during glacials and interglacials”.

Devon Dunmire, University of Colorado, USA,
for her outstanding poster presentation: “Investigating the future of firn air content on Antarctica’s ice shelves using a physics-based snow model”.

Jonathon Preece, University of Georgia, USA,
for his outstanding poster presentation: “Summer Greenland Ice Sheet surface conditions linked to spring North American snow cover extent via a stationary Rossby wave response”.

The awards were given at the Cryosphere 2022 conference held in Iceland in August 2022 instead of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The award was given by IGS to Carlo Licciulli (Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany) and Paul Weber (Univ. of Portsmouth, UK).


Caroline Aubry-Wake, University of Saskatchewan, Canada,
for her outstanding oral presentation: “Fire and ice: The impact of forest fires on glacier ablation”.

Eric Keenan, University of Boulder, USA,
for his outstanding poster presentation: “Modeling Antarctic surface mass balance using a detailed multi-layered snow model”.

Eric Keenan

The presentations were given at the IUGG General Assembly, July 2019.