Glossary of Glacier Mass Balance and Related Terms

This glossary is a comprehensive update of glacier mass-balance and related terms including definitions of more than 400 terms. The glossary was produced by the IACS Working Group of Mass balance terminology and methods (2008 – 2012).

The glossary has been published 2011 by the International Hydrological Programme of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO-IHP), Paris, in the series of IHP Technical Documents in Hydrology: IACS Contribution. Hard-copies are no longer available. The glossary can be downloaded from the UNESCO website.
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Cogley, J.G., R. Hock, L.A. Rasmussen, A.A. Arendt, A. Bauder, R.J. Braithwaite, P. Jansson, G. Kaser, M. Möller, L. Nicholson and M. Zemp, 2011, Glossary of Glacier Mass Balance and Related Terms, IHP-VII Technical Documents in Hydrology No. 86, IACS Contribution No. 2, UNESCO-IHP, Paris.