Standing Groups

Current standing groups:

IACS Standing Group on Glacier And Permafrost HAZards in mountains (GAPHAZ)

IACS liaison : Stanislav Kutuzov
The Standing Group is also affiliated with the International Permafrost Association IPA.

Previous standing groups:

Standing group on Volcano-Ice Interactions (2010-2019)

The Commission was tasked with promoting research and interest in the complex interactions of magmas and ice in all its forms (snow, firn, ice and meltwater), on Earth and other planets.

Other bodies

Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G) Steering Committee

IACS liaison (Advisory Board Chair): Gwenn Flowers

IACS is part of the GTN-G Steering Committee. The IACS Division Head for Glaciers and Ice Sheets is always the chair of its Advisory Board.

GTN-G is a framework for internationally coordinated monitoring of glaciers jointly run by the the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) initiative, and the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS).

GTN-G Steering Committee
The Committee’s goals are to coordinate, support, and advise the WGMS, the NSIDC, and the GLIMS initiative concerning the monitoring of glaciers and ice caps. The GTN‐G Steering Committee consists of:
(a) an Executive Board that is responsible for (i) the development and implementation of the international observation strategy for glaciers and ice caps, (ii) providing standards for the monitoring of glacier fluctuations (e.g., length change, mass balance) and for inventories, and (iii) the compilation and distribution of such information in a standardized form, and
(b) an Advisory Board that is to (i) support, (ii) consult, and (iii) periodically evaluate the work of the Executive Board and its three operational bodies concerning the monitoring of glaciers and ice caps.

The GTN-G Executive Board includes:
– 1 Representative of the WGMS
– 1 Representative of the NSIDC
– 1 Representative of the GLIMS coordinating institutions

The GTN-G Advisory Board includes:
– IACS Division Head for Glaciers and Ice Sheets (Chair)
– 1 Representative of data producers (field observations)
– 1 Representative of data producers (remote sensing)
– 1‐2 Representatives of data users (glaciological community)
– 1 Representative of an international umbrella organization (e.g., CliC, GCOS, GTOS, ICSU, UNEP, UNESCO, WMO)