IACS Working group
Division on Snow and Avalanches

From quantitative stratigraphy to microstructure-based modelling of snow
(2012 – 2016)


WG Co-chairs : Samuel Morin (samuel.morin(at)meteo.fr)
  Henning Löwe (loewe(at)slf.ch)
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News :

2016-01-07: The presentations given at the Grain Size Workshop, MicroSnow1 and MicroSnow2 are now hosted on the NSIDC website. Enormous thanks to Mary Jo and her colleagues at NSIDC, particularly Michon Scott and Agnieszka Gautier for their help. Please feel free to access these, although please ask the authors if you would like to reuse the content. Also, please contact Mary Jo if you would like to post anything to the ‘News’ section.
Mellody Sandells

From 02-05 April 2013 the first international „Snow Grain Size Workshop – Measurements and Applications“ was held in Grenoble, France. The workshop was organized by G. Picard (LGGE), H. Löwe (WSL/SLF) and S. Morin (CNRM-GAME/CEN), with local support from LGGE and CNRM-GAME/CEN. The 50 participants came from France, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, White Russia, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany and Turkey.
The goal of the workshop was to gather snow grain size specialists and initiate discussions and activities about i) the accuracy and comparability of existing methods, which provide objective grain size estimates in the field ii) the scope and limitations of commonly used grain size variables. Measurement devices brought by the participants were demonstrated by the experts during the field excursion to La Grave. For details of the program cf. (http://snowgrain2013.sciencesconf.org/). The workshop was sponsored by Labex OSUG@2020, Microdice (ESF), IACS, Meteo-France and LGGE.
snow grain
In front of LGGE in Grenoble

In the field on "glacier de la Girose"


Events :

  • 21 April 2016, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria
    Snowpack modelling revisited
    Splinter meeting, room 2.42, 12:15 – 13:15
    Download announcement
  • 9-14 March 2014, Davos, Switzerland
    Measurement intercomparison for objective grain size methods
  • 4-5 August 2014,University of Reading, UK
    Follow-up workshop
    Contact: Martin Schneebeli (schneebeli(at)slf.ch)
  • 6-8 August 2014, University of Reading, UK Microstructure in Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer (MICROSNOW) Workshop
    Contact: Melody Sandells (melody.sandells(at)northumbria.ac.uk)