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Working Groups address scientific problems of the cryosphere that are timely and wellconstrained. Working Groups shall have explicit aims, objectives, milestones and deliverables. They should be international in composition. They shall define the instruments, for example workshops and conferences, which they will use to achieve their aims and objectives. Working Groups will normally be limited to up to four years duration. They may be renewed, with suitable justification, for up to a further four years in exceptional circumstances. Working Groups report annually to the Bureau through the appropriate IACS Head of Division.

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Working Groups

Running Working Groups
Past IACS Working Groups

Running Working Groups :

Please refer to the WG home pages below for more information on running Working Groups.

Randolph Glacier Inventory and infrastructure for glacier monitoring
2014 - 2018; Division II

Glacier ice thickness estimation
2014 - 2018; Division II

2012 - 2016; Division I

Flow law for polycrystalline ice
2010 - 2014; Division V


Past IACS Working Groups :

Mass balance terminology and methods
2008 - 2012; Division II