Past IACS sponsored events

Past UCCS events Past ICSI events

APECS Workshop

Glagiology in High-Mountain Asia
2-6 March 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal

1st European Snow Science Winter School
8-14 February 2015, Sodankylä, Finland

Microstructure in Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer (MicroSnow) Workshop
6-8 August 2014, University of Reading, UK

International Summer School in Glaciology
6-16 August 2014, McCarthy, Alaska, USA

International Workshop on Calving
1-2 June 2014, Grenoble, France

Joint Model-data workshop for the Late Pleistocene evolution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets
22-24 May 2014, Grenoble, France

IAG / IACS symposium on Reconciling observations and models of elastic and viscoelastic deformation due to ice mass change
30 May -2 June 2013, Ilulissat, Greenland

International Conference on Cryosphere: Changes, Impacts and Adaptation
10-12 November 2012, Sanya, China

International Partnership in Ice Core Science (IPICS): First Open Science Conference
1-5 October 2012, Prequ'île de Giens, France

3rd Volcano-Ice Interactions on Earth & Other Planets Conference
18-22 June 2012, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Fifth International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration
12-16 September 2011, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Glacier Hazards, Permafrost Hazards and GLOFs in Mountain Areas: Processes, Assessment, Prevention, Mitigation
10–13 November 2009, Vienna, Austria

IAHS 8th Scientific Assembly and 37th IAH Congress
6-12 September 6-12 2009, Hyderabad, India
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Workshop on mass balance measurements and modelling
26-28 March 2008, Skeikampen Norway
Proceedings published in Annals of Glaciology 50.



Past UCCS events

International Symposium on Cryospheric Indicators of Global Climate Change. A joint WCRP–CliC/IGS/UCCS Symposium
21–25 August 2006, Cambridge, UK

Proceedings published in Annals of Glaciology 46.


IAMAS 9th Scientific Assembly
2–11 August 2005, Beijing, China

J!: Modelling Forest Snow Processes.

Intercepted snow on forest canopies has a large exposed area for exchanges of mass and energy with the atmosphere. Snow on the ground beneath a forest canopy, compared with snow in open areas, is sheltered from wind and solar radiation, but receives increased longwave radiation from the canopy. Forests thus influence the timing and quantity of runoff from snowmelt, and changes in forest cover, whether managed or in response to changing climates, modify this influence. Contributions are invited on how snow processes can be represented in large-scale atmospheric and hydrological models, and on how such process models perform in composition with observations

Principal Convenor:
Richard Essery, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom.

J2: Glacier mass balance and its coupling to regional to hemispheric circulation.

Glacier mass balance measurements constitute an important contribution to our understanding of climate change. From a climatological perspective, glacier mass balance constitutes a point measurement in relation to large-scale atmospheric climate factors. However, local factors can be important. For example, snow accumulation is governed by a combination of direct snowfall and wind transport. To extract the mesoscale circulation pattern from the mass balance data, local and mesoscale influences need to be distinguished. The aim of this workshop is to examine how mass balance data can be used to infer mesoscale circulation patterns. If successful, we can use GCM’s to predict future glacier changes and past glacier extents. This workshop follows on two previous ICSI workshops on glacier mass balance (Melbourne, 1997; Tarfala, 1998).

Principal Convenor:
Peter Jansson, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quarternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden

J3: Mountain Snow and Ice Cover (ICSI, IAMAS)

In many parts of the world mountain snow and ice covers represent (up to now) continuously renewed water reservoirs, but also present periodical threats to human safety. The importance of these water reservoirs increases even more in a warming climate, mainly due to large-scale interactions with air flow and sea water circulations. This symposium is intended to promote the exchange of knowledge between snow/ice cover modellers and researchers dealing with climate modelling. Achieving proper representations of the boundary conditions between snow/ice and atmosphere will be a major topic.

Charles Fierz, Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Avalanche Warning and Risk Management, Switzerland
Peter Jansson, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quarternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden


Conference on Glacial Sedimentary Processes and Products
University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 23-27 August 2005

International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)

IUGG Commission for the Cryospheric Sciences (UCCS)
International Glaciological Society (IGS)
International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
Antarctic Clmate Evolution (ACE)
Scientific Commission on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
Quaternary Research Association (QRA)
British Geological Survey (BGS)


VIIth IAHS Scientific Assembly Foz de Iguassu (Argentina–Brazil–Paraguay), 4–9 April 2005

S#5 SYMPOSIUM on the Contribution from Glaciers and Snow Cover to Mountain Runoff in Different Climate regimes.

Convenor: Regine Hock

W#5 WORKSHOP on Andean Glaciology



Past ICSI events

Symposium on Mass Balance of Andean Glaciers
2003, Valdivia, Chile


World water Forum 3, Keynote address in session: Water Resources Management in Mountainous Areas
March 2003, Kyoto, Japan


IAMAS General Assembly
10-18 July 2001, Innsbruck, Austria


A New Hydrology for a Thirsty Planet - 6th Scientific Assembly of the IAHS
18-27 July 2001Maastricht, The Netherlands



Workshop 1: Flood forecasting with reference to global change. ICSI cooperating commission

Workshop 4: High Mountain Regions: Hydrological and cryospheric processes and models and the variability of available water resources. (In anticipation of the   "Year of the Mountains 2002"). ICSI leading commission


European Geophysical Society XXV General Assembly
25-29 April 2000, Nice, France,

OA36  Water balance components of high mountain basins. ICSI cooperating

Further sessions which are related to glaciology:
OA8  Sea-level and sea-ice in the past, present and in the future
OA20 Surface fluxes over land and ocean - Energy exchange over snow and glaciers
OA32 Climate variability - Climate of the polar regions
OA34 Study of past climates - Variability at Milankovitch time scales
OA37 Ice and permafrost drilling in high mountains
OA38 Flow dynamics and length changes of alpine glaciers
OA39 Ice core climate information on the past 10 millennia
OA40 Changes in the mass balance of the cryosphere over the next millennium


Glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere


Workshop on Methods of Mass Balance Measurements and Modelling
10-12 August 1998, Tarfala, Sweden


Other related conferences:

International Symposium on "High Mountain Lakes and Streams - Indicators of a changing world"
4-8 September 2000, Innsbruck, Austria