IACS scientific assemblies, symposia and workshops

One of the primary goals of IACS is to promote the Cryospheric Sciences through scientific exchange. Thus, much effort goes into establishing scientific meetings. IACS participates in scientific assemblies of the sister organizations IAG, IAGA, IAHS, IAMAS, IAPSO, IASPEI and IAVCEI and in the IUGG general assemblies. The IUGG assemblies occur every four years (next will be in Melbourne, Australia in 2011). The scientific assemblies also occur every fourth year but shifted four years relative to the IUGG assemblies. IACS also promotes and sponsors workshops and symposia organized by its Divisions, Working Groups as well as by other organizations.

Past IACS events

IUGG General Assembly 2015

Earth and Environmental Sciences for Future Generations

[assembly website]

IACS Business Meetings 2015:
22 June 2015: closed Bureau meeting
24 June 2015: open Bureau meeting
26 June 2015: Plenary Administrative Session
29 June 2015: closed Bureau meeting

APECS Workshop

IACS Bureau Meeting 2014

10-13 July 2014, Japan

IACS WG "From quantitative stratigraphy to microstructure-based modelling of snow"

Intercomparison of Snow Grain Size Measurements Workshop

9-14 March 2014, Davos, Switzerland
[workshop website]

IACS Bureau Meeting 2013

13-15 July 2013, Davos, Switzerland

IACS Scientific Assembly 2013

Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly
Ice, Air & Process Interactions

8-12 July 2013, Davos, Switzerland

IACS WG "From quantitative stratigraphy to microstructure-based modelling of snow"

Snow Grain Size Workshop -
Measurements and Applications

2-5 April 2013, Grenoble, France
[workshop website]

IACS / SCAR / IASC symposium on:

Research Urgencies in the Polar Regions
and their links to the ICSU Grand Challenges in Global Sustainability

23-24 September 2011, Siena, Italy

XXV IUGG General Assembly 2011

Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet

28 June - 7 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia

IACS Scientific Sessions overview schedule
Scientific Program overview oral poster

IACS/IAMAS/IAPSO Joint Assembly 2009

Our Warming Planet

July 19-29, 2009, Montréal, Québec, Canada