Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)

SCAR, IASC, and IACS share a common interest in ice and snow on Earth (the cryosphere). Each are organizations affiliated with the International Council for Science (ICSU), which encourages the development of strong links between its subsidiary entities.
There are strong grounds for a closer linkage between these three bodies to bring benefits to all parties, not least in an exchange of views and experience on important scientific topics. A link between them at this time is encouraged to ensure that all three communities together make an
integrated and comprehensive contribution to meeting the goals of the International Polar Year (IPY 2007-2009) and developing the IPY legacy.

IACS liaisons: Ian Allison (SCAR) Hiroyuki Enomoto (IASC)

Download the Letter of Agreement
(renewed 16 April 2013; pdf: 105 kB)


Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS)

IACS liaison: Xiao, Cunde

Download the Memorandum of Understanding
(signed 29 Sep 2011; pdf: 1 609 kB)


Cryo Organizations (CryOz)

Download the Memorandum of Understanding
(signed 2012; pdf: 1 134 kB)