Further liaisons

are scientists named by the IACS Bureau to serve as a liaison between IACS and advisory boards, commissions, partners, and other bodies.

to ICSU bodies
to IUGG Union Commissions
to IUGG Working Groups
to IUGG Committees
to Organisations


Further Liaisons

IUGG liaisons to ICSU bodies :

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) :
Ian Allison
(also liaison for IACS)

IACS liaisons to IUGG Commissions :

Commission on Data and Information (UCDI) :

Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability (GRC) :
Mchael Krautblatter (m.krautblattertum.de)

Commission on Mathematical Geophysics (CMG) :
Ute Herzfeld (ute.herzfeldcolorado.edu)

Commission on Planetary Sciences (UCPS) :
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg

IACS liaisons to IUGG Working Groups :

Working Group on History (WGH) :
Mark Carey (careyuoregon.edu)

IACS liaisons to IUGG Committees :

Visioning Committee (see) :
Andrew Mackintosh

IACS liaisons to other organisations:

International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) :
Hiroyuki Enomoto

Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) :
Xiao, Cunde

International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) :
Valérie Masson-Delmotte, member steering committee

Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) :
Charles Fierz