IACS Documents

This page contains downloadable documents from IACS Plenaries and Bureau Meetings.
New documents are added as they become available.

In addition, documents from the IACS precursors, that is, the Union Commission for the Cryospheric Sciences (UCCS) and the International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI), are also available back to 2003.



IACS Plenaries
IACS Bureau Meetings


IACS Plenaries

Melbourne IACS Plenary meeting, June 2009
Minutes PL03 (pdf: 129 kB); appendices PL03 (pdf: 1326 kB)

Montréal IACS Plenary meeting, July 2009
Minutes from PL02 (pdf: 49 kB)



IACS Bureau Meetings

Tokyo Bureau Meetings, July 2014
Minutes BM10 open: pdf: 359 kB closed B: pdf: 581 kB, C: pdf: 266 kB;
BM10 open: pdf: 6.4 MB closed B: pdf: 6.4 MB, C: pdf: 434 kB;

Davos Bureau Meetings, July 2013
Minutes BM09 open: (pdf: 143 kB) closed: (pdf: 120 kB);
BM09 open: (pdf: 5.1 MB) closed: (pdf: 3.0 MB);

Sanya Bureau Meetings, November 2012
Minutes BM08 (pdf: 1.6 MB) ; appendices BM08 (pdf: 12.6 MB)

Melbourne Bureau Meetings, June/July 2011
Minutes BM07 (pdf: 381 kB); appendices BM07 (pdf: 710 kB)
Minutes BM06-I (pdf: 336 kB)
; BM06-II (pdf: 112 kB);
appendices BM06 (pdf: 917 kB)

Telecon Bureau Meeting, November/December 2010
Agenda BM05 (pdf: 82 kB); appendices BM05 (pdf: 731 kB);
minutes ad hoc BM (pdf: 310 kB)

Montreal Bureau Meetings, July 2009
Minutes BM04 (pdf: 53 kB)
Minutes BM03 (pdf: 133 kB)

Vienna Bureau Meeting, April 2008
Minutes BM02 (pdf:183 kB)

Perugia Bureau meeting, July 2007
Minutes BM01 (pdf: 396 kB)


Union Commission for the Cryospheric Sciences (UCCS)

Perugia UCCS Plenary Session, July 2007
Minutes (pdf: 849 kB)

Perugia UCCS Bureau meeting, July 2007
Minutes (pdf: 1874 kB)

Geneva UCCS Bureau meeting, October 2006
Minutes (pdf: 1035 kB)

Karthaus extra UCCS Bureau meeting, June 2006
Minutes (pdf: 342 kB)

Paris UCCS Bureau Meeting, November 2005
Minutes (pdf: 4443 kB)


International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI)

Quebec ICSI Bureau Meeting, December 2004
Minutes (pdf: 342 kB)

Paris ICSI Bureau Meeting, June 2004
Minutes (pdf: 4678 kB)

Cambridge ICSI Bureau meeting November 2003
Minutes (pdf: 452 kB)

Münster ICSI Bureau Meeting February 2003
Minutes (pdf: 580 kB)